About Credo Capital

Credo Capital is a Mutual Fund distribution firm, founded in 2007 by S Shankar, CFPCM. We are a four Member team with a collective experience of 50+ years, across market cycles, in Indian as well as international financial markets. We have been successful Mutual Fund distributors for over 13 years now with 100+ families being our customers.

Our client oriented Mutual Fund Distribution firm is based in Chennai and Kochi. We provide personalized Mutual Fund based solutions to both individuals and companies to manage their investments. Unlike large banks or financial institutions, we focus more on suitability of the fund to a particular client need, not on just selling funds. We at Credo Capital only concentrate on Mutual Funds which are the simplest and most suited investment option.

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Rahul Dravid – Return of capital vs return on capital part 2

Last week i had written about some fraud investment scheme had promised sky high returns and conned many in Bengaluru ..


Return of capital vs Return on capital

As investors our focus should primarily be on return of capital ( can we get our money back) but we tend to focus more in return on capital ..


How will the markets move ?.

Somehow the idea seems to be that the new funds like new cars are better or are cheaper. While it may be true ...