Our Services

  • We are AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributors (ARN-48379) offering varied Mutual Funds for your specific investment needs.

  • We provide financial solutions through Mutual Funds for your goals such as retirement, children’s education and marriage.

  • We believe that Mutual Funds offer a transparent time-tested way to invest in Equities, Bonds, Gold in a tax efficient and simple manner hence stick to that

  • We believe that financial independence is more about your behaviour and less about investment returns, hence, we focus on shaping your behaviour to achieve your goals.

  • We believe in Charlie Mungers maxim of showing progress apart from activity, what we should aim is progress towards your goals and not activity for its own sake

What we don’t do

  • Predict market movement, , indeed, we don’t think anyone can but that does not stop people from trying. Instead we use asset allocation (jargon for don’t put all your eggs in one basket) to get the best of both worlds in investing (Equity and bond funds)

  • Find the best fund (again, the best fund is known after it becomes best not before!) instead we focus on total portfolio return (how much your investment has grown totally and not what each single investment did)

  • Chase flavour of the season - We don’t chase what is the current flavour of the market (the flavour may not last and is uncertain but retirement is certain!) Instead we focus on if something makes sense for your goals.